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Brandstock's Renewal Service - Video


Brandstocks Renewal Service is a comprehensive, cost effective 360 degree solution for your trademark portfolio. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your renewals are taken care of....

Agent Benchmarking Service - Video


The Agent Benchmarking service analyze the fees of the customer’s agents, compare them to the market and report on possible inconsistencies and surcharges, especially on official fees.

Brandstock's Complete Service - Video


Get a virtual in house counsel and include all the IP services at one flat fee... easy budgeting + significant cost savings with the option to choose additional services from our menu! 

Worldwide IP Recordal projects - Video


Brandstock offers a fully comprehensive service to help you manage your worldwide IP recordal projects that may result from company restructuring as well as mergers and acquisitions and other...

Let’s grow together: video introduction to Brandstock Group

Brandstock Group is one of the most innovative company in the worldwide Intellectual Property industry. Founded in 1993, it has more than 400 corporate clients. We founded Brandstock Partner...

Maximising the efficiency of your IP portfolio

TED Style Talk - 3 Exercises for an Excellent IP Cost Benchmarking - Full version

Brian Gissane is a senior management consultant at Brandstock, which is a leading service provider for IP assets companies around the world. In this video, he is going to talk about...

TED Style Talk - 3 Exercises for an Excellent IP Cost Benchmarking - Highlights

What we're going to talk about in the video is benchmarking: what is benchmarking? People have different understanding of it, but what we're talking about is gathering data, getting...