Is trademark searching costly? Yes, but only if you do it yourself

When conducting a trademark search prior to registration of a new mark, many businesses choose to do this themselves, with the goal of making a cost saving. However, evidence to the contrary...

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The IP services you should include in your annual budget for your trademark protection

At the beginning of each financial year, every business must determine and implement an annual budget. When it comes to trademark protection, of course, no business is willing to knowingly cut...

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A three-pronged approach: bringing names to market.

In the first of a three-part series of articles, Jayne McClelland, a trademark attorney at Syngenta, discusses best practices for creating, clearing and registering trademarks and her...

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In search of the aesthetic

By Thomas Golda, Director Searches, Brandstock

In the fast changing world of Intellectual Property, many more companies are now moving beyond the more traditional word mark protection to establish...

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Trademark searches: the art of Deep Screening

by Volker Spitz, CEO, Brandstock

While trademark lawyers rarely share the same opinion, all would agree that to launch a new product or service without first investigating prior rights is to risk...

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The Linguistic Life of a Trademark: Born to be Bad?

By Thomas Golda, Director IP Researches, Brandstock

A decision to give birth to a new brand in today’s more globally-oriented markets can leave your verbal progeny facing a linguistic or cultural...

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