Picture this: Fast and Affordable Trademark Device Searches

Almost everyone in the world knows you can’t eat this or hang curtains on these butimmediately recognizes them and what they offer. Even images that are not as literal in representing their...

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Cut Costs When Conducting Your Crucial Trademark Search

A trademark search is a necessary and essential part of owning and registering a new trademark. Many companies choose to put off this task, hearing it can be cumbersome to complete. Fortunately,...

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How to Register a Trademark: What to Do and What Not to Do When Getting Started

When you have a new brand, product, or even an existing business, it’s of the utmost importance that you learn how to protect it. It’s not something you can afford to leave to chance or the...

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How to come up with a brand name: from idea to trademark registration

It seems obvious. If you have a new product, you need a new name. That is true, but even that statement is not as straightforward as it appears, if you want a truly effective way of coming up with...

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Creating cool brand names with Brandstock’s Market Ready service

Coming up with a new brand name can be a long and difficult process, but with Brandstock’s Market Ready service you can be assured of cool brand names without headaches.

This unique service...

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Trademark search: do it today, don’t take risks tomorrow

Trademark searches are a necessary part of owning and registering new trademarks which many companies choose to put off, viewing them as unduly onerous to complete.

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Stop searching for registered trademarks online: you’re wasting time and money

Searches of registered trademarks are useful at all stages during the term of your trademark and it is no wonder, therefore, that numerous online databases of registered trademarks have cropped...

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How to optimize your legal department’s work thanks to external trademark searches

If you are still conducting trademark searches in house, then you are probably wasting both your legal department’s time and resources. Not only can outsourcing this task potentially save your...

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Which resources do you need to run a trademark search? We bet you don’t have them

If you are looking to run a trademark search prior to registration of your new trademark then here are some things to remember when it comes to resources for your research.

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