Trademark Renewal: Eliminate the Headaches of Doing It Yourself (While Saving Both Time & Money)

When it comes to protecting your brand, there are many things you may know, but there are still going to be areas in which you feel you could use more information. There are so many...

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Why a new and innovative analysis of your IP Portfolio can help you save money

Your IP portfolio is one of the most important elements of your business. It underpins your external messaging, and how you interact with your customers. It allows you to sell your products and be...

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Managing IP renewals with a dedicated platform: how does it work?

The traditional methods of managing renewals are labor-intensive and relatively high-risk. In order to manage your renewals in-house, it is necessary to have several different elements in place.

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Back to the future: Brandstock’s implementation of AI in trademark renewal services

Artificial intelligence is a popular topic at the moment. From Elon Musk warning of the dangers of robots to the first computer able to beat a champion at board game Go, it’s clear that things are...

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Brandstock can help you decide when renewing a trademark is worth it and when isn't

It’s easy to assume that if you own a trademark, it must be valuable. After all, you registered the trademark to begin with, so it makes sense to keep renewing it, right? Renewing a trademark can...

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Brandstock’s Intellectual Property Services: why our renewals department is efficient

If you’re looking to outsource your trademark renewals work, you’ll need a provider you can trust to deliver the best possible service at a sensible cost. When outsourcing any intellectual...

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How to save time and money managing intellectual property renewals

If your intellectual property renewals are fast approaching, you may be looking for ways to manage which will save both time and money for your business. Tips ranging from simply filing renewals...

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Why is it correct to carry out IP recordals with your renewals?

When changes are made regarding a trademark, a recordal must be filed on the appropriate intellectual property (IP) register. Changes such as alterations to a mark, license agreements and changes...

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Which documents do you need for your trademark renewal?

If your trademark renewal is approaching you may be wondering what is involved in the renewal process and what documents are required for its completion. Although the specific documentary...

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