What happens when a big corporation funds a piracy site?

Have you ever thought that a company like Vodafone could fund a piracy site? Sadly, this is possible, and it frequently happens nowadays because of the way Internet advertising works. It's...

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IP Enforcement: a strategic tool for corporations

An intellectual property enforcement strategy is essential for many businesses. However, IP registration and enforcement can be complex and expensive. As such, many small- and medium-sized...

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Savings: does outsourcing really save time and money?

If you have been thinking about outsourcing your trademark renewals to an external provider, there are a number of questions that need to be addressed reflecting the concerns that many trademark...

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Modernising in-house trademark departments

Interview published on WIPR September/October 2016 edition 

It is often said that many people are resistant to change and unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. They like doing things the...

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Domain Name Management – prevention really is better than cure

By Stefan Ruhdorfer, Director Domains & IP Benchmarking, Brandstock

Unlike Trademarks and other registered IP rights, domain names are so quick, easy and inexpensive to register. This means that...

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