IP Enforcement: a strategic tool for corporations

An intellectual property enforcement strategy is essential for many businesses. However, IP registration and enforcement can be complex and expensive. As such, many small- and medium-sized...

Topics: Online Enforcement, Offline Enforcement, Corporation

9 Major Hidden IP Costs of Mergers and Acquisitions

By Volker Spitz, Chief Executive Officer, Brandstock

Mergers and acquisitions of companies that involve a large volume of intellectual property, especially when spanning multiple countries, will...

Topics: Agent Benchmarking, IP Recordals, Offline Enforcement, Law Firm, Corporation

7 arguments to file your recordals as a project

By Anna Popova and Tiffany Valeriano, IP Recprdals Department, Brandstock 

Regardless if you are recording an assignment, merger, or simple name or address change for your worldwide intellectual...

Topics: IP Recordals, Offline Enforcement, Law Firm, Corporation