The Curious Case Of ‘Black Friday’ Trademark

Everyone - at least once in his life - has heard about “Black Friday”. Did you know it was a trademark? Such marks, which use has become more and more widespread, are subject to changes and...

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What happens when a big corporation funds a piracy site?

Have you ever thought that a company like Vodafone could fund a piracy site? Sadly, this is possible, and it frequently happens nowadays because of the way Internet advertising works. It's...

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Trademark renewals: does outsourcing really save time and money?

When renewals are managed in-house, one or more people are needed to follow up with agents, set reminders, monitor deadlines, and so on for multiple marks in multiple countries around the world....

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Savings: does outsourcing really save time and money?

If you have been thinking about outsourcing your trademark renewals to an external provider, there are a number of questions that need to be addressed reflecting the concerns that many trademark...

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Now’s the time to clean your docket!

With a new year comes new priorities.

One of the first this year should be to clean up your trademark docket and ensure you’re in the best-possible position to meet new challenges head on.

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Mastering relationships is the key to lasting success

Guest article by Peter Rouse, Director of Patent Annuity Costs Limited, Consultant and Author

 In 2005, after spending some 25 years in and around the Law (and IP), I set about writing down what I...

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How corporates manage their searches with Brandstock

On November 2, Brandstock hosted a webinar with World IP Review discussing how corporates manage their trademark searching.

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Are you overpaying for trademark renewals?

by Volker Spitz, CEO, Brandstock Group

Be honest: have you ever checked whether you are paying the correct official fees – not to mention competitive local law firm fees – for trademark renewals...

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Brandstock im Interview mit der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung

Die FAZ berichtete über die Relevanz von monetären Markenwerten und zitierte hierbei auch Ergebnisse der Brandstock Markenwertstudie, welche Sie auch hier downloaden können. Weiter stand Tankred...

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