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What does the Agent Benchmarking Service mean

One of the major challenges facing businesses with multiple trademark or patent registrations is maintaining a clear view of the costs and risks associated with maintaining those registrations.

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How AI can help with IP management

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as technology that functions in an intelligent manner. As reported by Dr. Volker Spitz during an interview with WIPR, it will change the IP sector within the...

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Brandstock and WIPR webinar "The jungle of IP ownership: How to manage your IP Recordals"

Brandstock is happy to present its webinar “The jungle of IP ownership: How to manage your IP Recordals”, in collaboration with WIPR, which will be held on June 27, 2017.

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Trademark renewals: does outsourcing really save time and money?

When renewals are managed in-house, one or more people are needed to follow up with agents, set reminders, monitor deadlines, and so on for multiple marks in multiple countries around the world....

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Savings: does outsourcing really save time and money?

If you have been thinking about outsourcing your trademark renewals to an external provider, there are a number of questions that need to be addressed reflecting the concerns that many trademark...

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IP Events Calendar 2017: are you coming?


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2017 Conference Legal Market Intelligence

 Gathering decision-grade data and information to support accurate and confident choices is one of procurement's core mandates. However, getting reliable and timely legal market, supplier, and...

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Mastering relationships is the key to lasting success

Guest article by Peter Rouse, Director of Patent Annuity Costs Limited, Consultant and Author

 In 2005, after spending some 25 years in and around the Law (and IP), I set about writing down what I...

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Are you overpaying for trademark renewals?

by Volker Spitz, CEO, Brandstock Group

Be honest: have you ever checked whether you are paying the correct official fees – not to mention competitive local law firm fees – for trademark renewals...

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