Should IPR be transferred at the same time or gradually?

When undergoing a business change which requires the transfer of intellectual property rights (IPR), a key question to consider is whether such changes should be made at once or gradually....

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Joining The Dots - Munich, October 11, 2017

Brandstock and Acacap are happy to invite you to this full day event, hosted by the Italian famous fashion brand, Antony Morato, in his german showroom.

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Why an IP consultant is the first step in planning a merger and acquisition strategy

Whenever you’re thinking about undertaking a merger or acquisition, there are various things to consider before you make the initial approach. For IP departments, the first port of call should...

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Are IP renewals together with IP assignments worth it?

The trademark renewal process could be approached in different ways. When assigning intellectual property (IP) assets to a new owner, the relevant records must be amended so as to reflect this...

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What personal information should not be included in IP records?

Although data protection laws vary according to the country, there are, generally, certain types of personal information which should never be made public, including featuring in intellectual...

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IP Records management checklist for mergers and acquisitions

Intellectual property (IP) assets are some of the most important and valuable of any company, and as such, the effective management of these rights during mergers and acquisitions is of paramount...

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How does Brandstock help you make a plan for benchmarking

Whenever you embark on a new project, it is likely to succeed or fail based on how well you planned it. The best idea in the world is worth nothing unless it’s executed properly. The same holds...

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Why does benchmarking help save money?

Everyone wants to save time, to make processes more efficient, and to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome on a particular legal matter. But in today’s climate, it can be difficult to...

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How to save up to 40% in protecting your brand

Since the 1980s, it has been recognised that brand value is a significant factor in the overall worth of a company. Today, market research companies such as Millward Brown estimate that a brand...

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