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Why is it correct to carry out IP recordals with your renewals?

When changes are made regarding a trademark, a recordal must be filed on the appropriate intellectual property (IP) register. Changes such as alterations to a mark, license agreements and changes...

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Official trademark renewal fees: a huge international gap

Although you may be forgiven for thinking that all territories impose similar official trademark renewal fees, such a belief is far from the truth – all fees are far from equal. These fees vary...

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IP Recordals project: get to know all the documents required from A to Z

Undertaking a project to alter the records of registered intellectual property (IP) can be a complex and time-consuming process. Although seeking the assistance of an IP expert is the most...

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How to protect your brands from trademark infringement with Brandstock's recordals service

As much as we would like to live in a world with no trademark infringement, unfortunately it is a reality for many businesses. And while you may not be able to totally prevent trademark...

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The 5 most common irregular requests for IP recordals

Intellectual property (IP) recordals are integral in ensuring that the details of IP are correctly maintained and that owners can exploit their rights freely. Consulting IP professionals for...

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3 key elements of a properly managed IP recordals project

Good IP recordals projects always have certain things in common. While each business will have different expectations of a recordals project, they are unlikely to be successful unless they adhere...

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What to do if a change in IP ownership has not been managed immediately

Have you recently been involved in a transaction resulting in a change in IP ownership? Has this change yet been registered with national IP offices to make it legally watertight?

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Should IPR be transferred at the same time or gradually?

When undergoing a business change which requires the transfer of intellectual property rights (IPR), a key question to consider is whether such changes should be made at once or gradually....

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Joining The Dots - Munich, October 11, 2017

Brandstock and Acacap are happy to invite you to this full day event, hosted by the Italian famous fashion brand, Antony Morato, in his german showroom.

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