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Which resources do you need to run a trademark search? We bet you don’t have them

If you are looking to run a trademark search prior to registration of your new trademark then here are some things to remember when it comes to resources for your research.

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Is trademark searching costly? Yes, but only if you do it yourself

When conducting a trademark search prior to registration of a new mark, many businesses choose to do this themselves, with the goal of making a cost saving. However, evidence to the contrary...

Topics: Trademark Searching, Law Firm, Corporation

The power of AI in IP departments

Can artificial intelligence actually be a danger for IP departments? In a recent article published by WIPR, our CEO Volker Spitz has talked about the power of AI and the importance of having a...

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Corporation, Law Firm

Video Buying Legal - What is benchmarking?

Is your business paying the right cost for its IP renewals, filings, opposition? Brian Gissane has talked about benchmarking in this short but full of useful information during Buying Legal...

Topics: Agent Benchmarking, Law Firm, Corporation

Forum seminar: professional trademark search

Performing a professional trademark search helps you protect your trademarks. To do this correctly, you need to know how to perform a text or image search within brand data from multiple national...

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Managing IP renewals with a dedicated platform: how does it work?

The traditional methods of managing renewals are labor-intensive and relatively high-risk. In order to manage your renewals in-house, it is necessary to have several different elements in place.

Topics: Trademark & Design Renewals, Law Firm, Corporation

Back to the future: Brandstock’s implementation of AI in trademark renewal services

Artificial intelligence is a popular topic at the moment. From Elon Musk warning of the dangers of robots to the first computer able to beat a champion at board game Go, it’s clear that things are...

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Trademark & Design Renewals, Corporation, Law Firm

Brandstock’s Intellectual Property Services: why our renewals department is efficient

If you’re looking to outsource your trademark renewals work, you’ll need a provider you can trust to deliver the best possible service at a sensible cost. When outsourcing any intellectual...

Topics: Trademark & Design Renewals, Law Firm, Corporation

How to save time and money managing intellectual property renewals

If your intellectual property renewals are fast approaching, you may be looking for ways to manage which will save both time and money for your business. Tips ranging from simply filing renewals...

Topics: Trademark & Design Renewals, Law Firm, Corporation