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Accenture and Brandstock: working collaboratively

by Kristen Poggensee, Trademark Paralegal Associate Manager, Accenture

Kristen Poggensee of Accenture discusses here the benefits of working with IP management specialist Brandstock on clearing...

Topics: Deep Screening, Brandstock Legal, Brandstock Complete, Corporation

Trademark searches: the art of Deep Screening

by Volker Spitz, CEO, Brandstock

While trademark lawyers rarely share the same opinion, all would agree that to launch a new product or service without first investigating prior rights is to risk...

Topics: News, Trademark Searching, Deep Screening, Law Firm, Corporation

The Linguistic Life of a Trademark: Born to be Bad?

By Thomas Golda, Director IP Researches, Brandstock

A decision to give birth to a new brand in today’s more globally-oriented markets can leave your verbal progeny facing a linguistic or cultural...

Topics: Trademark Searching, Deep Screening, Law Firm, Corporation