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IP Benchmarking Report 2018


5 magic sentences that get legal plans approved by management

As much as we might wish it were different, it’s a fact of life that an in-house legal team will have to justify their legal plans to senior management. It’s also a fact that good plans on their...

Topics: Corporation

5 tips for in-house legal counsel: how to do more with less

It’s a common challenge for in-house legal departments: how to achieve better results with fewer resources.

On its own, it should be relatively straightforward to improve results. Similarly, it...

Topics: Corporation

How to prepare a corporate legal department budget properly

Creating a corporate legal department budget is no small task. Most corporates are looking to save money, but more than that, they are looking to understand what outcomes result from the money...

Topics: Corporation

The Curious Case Of ‘Black Friday’ Trademark

Everyone - at least once in his life - has heard about “Black Friday”. Did you know it was a trademark? Such marks, which use has become more and more widespread, are subject to changes and...

Topics: News, Corporation, Brandstock Legal

5 Things Needed For A Compliant Transfer of Intellectual Property

When transferring intellectual property, the first thing to consider is the type of transfer required for your business needs. The transfer of intellectual property can be either temporary under a...

Topics: IP Recordals, Law Firm, Corporation

How to Manage Intellectual Property When Changing Your Company Name

Whether its a merger, acquisition, rebrand, entry into a new market or settling an IP infringement claim, there are a number of reasons a business changes its company name. However, the key...

Topics: Corporation, IP Recordals

IP Recordals - A Real Brain-Teaser for In-House Legal Teams

The process of an IP recordals project can be complex for in-house legal teams. It requires detailed and accurate information specific to the applicable countries and jurisdictions. The...

Topics: Corporation, IP Recordals

Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement: a Guide for Mergers and Acquisitions

There are numerous challenges for the acquirer and seller when they are creating an intellectual property transfer agreement during a merger or acquisition. The challenges associated with the...

Topics: IP Recordals, Corporation

4 Good Reasons to Outsource IP Docketing

For many business with intellectual property, the cost of IP docketing can become financially draining on its resources. In cases where a business is continuously expanding its IP portfolio, the...

Topics: Corporation, Brandstock Legal