In-House vs. Outsourced Intellectual Property Services: How to choose

There is a lot that goes into intellectual property management. You may have just one portfolio to start with, or perhaps your business has been around for a while and you have many. Regardless,...

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Fair Trade Principles in the IP World

The fair trade philosophy is more often associated with chocolate or coffee than intellectual property, but fair trade principles have applications for intellectual property professionals too.

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Questel Acquires a Majority Stake in Brandstock

Questel, one of the world’s largest intellectual property software and service providers, has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Brandstock, an international player in IP Services.

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How to Register a Trademark: What to Do and What Not to Do When Getting Started

When you have a new brand, product, or even an existing business, it’s of the utmost importance that you learn how to protect it. It’s not something you can afford to leave to chance or the...

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The 4 Elements of a Cost-Effective Legal Department

Controlling costs in a corporate legal department can seem increasingly challenging, especially within a growing business. While it is necessary to adequately protect and maintain the legal rights...

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Intellectual Property Protection for Big Corporations: The Winning Strategy

Intellectual property protection is a crucial aspect of a legal and business strategy to ensure that IP are profitable. These IPassets should provide a competitive advantage to the business within...

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IP Benchmarking: How much are you spending on intellectual property protection?

The ever-increasing number of IP applications across multiple jurisdictions has contributed to the rising costs of intellectual property protection for businesses, which has made IP benchmarking...

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How to manage the follow-up of a request for proposal (RFP) for legal services

Perhaps unfortunately for law firms, a request for proposal (RFP) is becoming a standard element of many companies’ efforts to obtain legal services. For the corporate, legal services RFPs can ...

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IP Benchmarking: A quick win for in–house intellectual property counsel

The role of an intellectual property counsel is to be a legal advisor for the internal business as well as a manager of external activities related to the legal and IP strategy. Similar to the...

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