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IP Benchmarking Report 2018


How to adapt your IP strategy to machine learning evolution

The rise of machine learning has profound implications for most areas of business, and intellectual property is no exception.

What once seemed the stuff of science fiction – the idea that machines...

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The evolution of general counsel's responsibilities: challenges and opportunities

A general counsel, also known as chief counsel or chief legal officer, advises the senior management team on the legal strategy and tactics that they should undertake in the best interests of the...

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Pros and cons of managing IP portfolio internally

For many businesses, the decision to manage the IP portfolio internally or externally can be influenced by a variety of factors: the size of business, organization, product portfolio, number of...

Topics: Brandstock Complete, Corporation

Brandstock Complete: infinite ways to boost your IP management

When selecting an IP management service provider, an IP counsel needs to consider many aspects of how the service will work. Is it flexible for their requirements? Will it help them to save money?...

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The faces of intellectual property services: roles and tasks for each department

Finding the right provider for intellectual property services is challenging for many reasons; determining the unique requirements, budget, and potential obstacles that will be faced can be...

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5 Reasons Not to Manage Your IP Portfolio Internally

Effectively managing your intellectual property portfolio directly impacts the return on investment of your company. It also provides you with a competitive edge that restricts potential...

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The advantages of having a full-service partner who takes care of your IP portfolio

When corporate IP counsel look to external partners to assist with their IP portfolios, it can be difficult to identify who to work with. There are countless providers in the market, some doing...

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The intellectual property project director: your personal guardian of IP rights

When we consider the role of an intellectual property (IP) project director in a company, we usually see them as a leader who manages an IP portfolio. However, their responsibilities can extend...

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The importance of data verification in every IP strategy

Accurate, high-quality, and relevant data have never been more important in forming an IP strategy. The strength of an IP asset is highly dependent on the accuracy of data obtained during the data...

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