What should you look for when selecting external IP counsel?

How do you go about choosing suitable external IP counsel? What skills and competencies should you be looking for? What factors should be considered in addition to purely legal capabilities?

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Trademark renewals: does outsourcing really save time and money?

When renewals are managed in-house, one or more people are needed to follow up with agents, set reminders, monitor deadlines, and so on for multiple marks in multiple countries around the world....

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L’Occitane: the perks of using specialist IP providers

written by Ingo Dauer, Group Legal Director

Founded in 1976, L’Occitane en Provence is an international brand of body, face, fragrances and home products. The group has more than 2,900 stores...

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Modernising in-house trademark departments

Interview published on WIPR September/October 2016 edition 

It is often said that many people are resistant to change and unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. They like doing things the...

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Agent Benchmarking: A quick win for in–house IP departments

By Volker Spitz, CEO, Brandstock

Agent benchmarking’ describes a service that we formed together with a group of large patent and trademark owners just over 5 years ago and which we have now...

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Are you paying too much for trademark renewals?

by Volker Spitz, CEO, Brandstock

Making sure that mark-ups have not applied to official fees, or checking that incorrect exchange rates have not been applied, has not been on the IP agenda for...

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150 Million US$ Savings – How Far Can You Go?

by Volker Spitz, Chief Executive Officer, Brandstock


This article explains what exactly agent benchmarking is, with a particular emphasis on standard trademark and patent services. It...

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9 Major Hidden IP Costs of Mergers and Acquisitions

By Volker Spitz, Chief Executive Officer, Brandstock

Mergers and acquisitions of companies that involve a large volume of intellectual property, especially when spanning multiple countries, will...

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