Why does benchmarking help save money?

Everyone wants to save time, to make processes more efficient, and to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome on a particular legal matter. But in today’s climate, it can be difficult to...

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How to save up to 40% in protecting your brand

Since the 1980s, it has been recognised that brand value is a significant factor in the overall worth of a company. Today, market research companies such as Millward Brown estimate that a brand...

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The importance of a preliminary analysis in an agent benchmarking project

Are you worried that your applications, renewals and oppositions are not as efficient as they could be?

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What does the Agent Benchmarking Service mean

One of the major challenges facing businesses with multiple trademark or patent registrations is maintaining a clear view of the costs and risks associated with maintaining those registrations.

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Which are the major centres of international counterfeiting?

Every day, large numbers of counterfeit goods are produced, distributed and sold across the world. International counterfeiting is an age-old crime that has worsened in unison with recent...

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The Differences When Registering a Trademark in Different Countries

The rules for registering a trademark are governed by the laws of the country in which the registration application is made – these rules therefore differ from country to country. Thus, companies...

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How to remain updated on international tax variations as intellectual property is concerned

Registering an international trademark means that protection can be obtained from countries which are signatory to the Madrid Agreement. To achieve such protection, a single international...

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Why you need to negotiate fees with your external intellectual property counsel?

Why external counsel?

Protecting intellectual capital needs a real corporate strategy. At the same time, registering a patent or trademark – whether domestic, EU or international – requires a...

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How to Organise an Intellectual Property Department

Efficient intellectual property (IP) management gives a business an advantage over its competitors and is key to market dominance. Market know-how is therefore a valuable business asset which must...

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