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IP Benchmarking Report 2018


The 4 Elements of a Cost-Effective Legal Department

Controlling costs in a corporate legal department can seem increasingly challenging, especially within a growing business. While it is necessary to adequately protect and maintain the legal rights...

Topics: Corporation, Agent Benchmarking

Intellectual Property Protection for Big Corporations: The Winning Strategy

Intellectual property protection is a crucial aspect of a legal and business strategy to ensure that IP are profitable. These IPassets should provide a competitive advantage to the business within...

Topics: Corporation, Agent Benchmarking

IP Benchmarking: How much are you spending on intellectual property protection?

The ever-increasing number of IP applications across multiple jurisdictions has contributed to the rising costs of intellectual property protection for businesses, which has made IP benchmarking...

Topics: Corporation, Agent Benchmarking

How to manage the follow-up of a request for proposal (RFP) for legal services

Perhaps unfortunately for law firms, a request for proposal (RFP) is becoming a standard element of many companies’ efforts to obtain legal services. For the corporate, legal services RFPs can ...

Topics: Corporation, Agent Benchmarking

IP Benchmarking: A quick win for in–house intellectual property counsel

The role of an intellectual property counsel is to be a legal advisor for the internal business as well as a manager of external activities related to the legal and IP strategy. Similar to the...

Topics: Agent Benchmarking, Corporation

A Simple Way to Cut At Least 30% Off Intellectual Property Management Costs

The pressure on legal departments to manage the costs of intellectual property management is continuously rising. This is due in part to the increased costs of managing IP assets as well as the...

Topics: Agent Benchmarking, Corporation

Cut costs and reduce inefficiencies: what can in-house legal teams do?

There is always pressure on costs. Indeed, an in-house legal team is often seen purely as a cost centre, which can make discussions over budgeting challenging.

Topics: Corporation, Agent Benchmarking

Video Buying Legal - What is benchmarking?

Is your business paying the right cost for its IP renewals, filings, opposition? Brian Gissane has talked about benchmarking in this short but full of useful information during Buying Legal...

Topics: Agent Benchmarking, Law Firm, Corporation

How does Brandstock help you make a plan for benchmarking

Whenever you embark on a new project, it is likely to succeed or fail based on how well you planned it. The best idea in the world is worth nothing unless it’s executed properly. The same holds...

Topics: Agent Benchmarking, Law Firm, Corporation