Is it necessary to have an in-house legal counsel?

If you are currently considering whether to hire an in-house legal counsel, the more relevant question to ask yourself is what is the difference between an in-house attorney and a traditional ...

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How to foresee and manage the risks of a neglected legal docket

Your legal docket is a key repository of information about the intellectual property assets in your business, and yet in many companies it can be an alarming mass of information, rife with errors...

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Creating cool brand names with Brandstock’s Market Ready service

Coming up with a new brand name can be a long and difficult process, but with Brandstock’s Market Ready service you can be assured of cool brand names without headaches.

This unique service...

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Trademark lawyers vs marketers: why they should smooth things over

When we compare the difference between the roles of trademark lawyers with those of marketers, there are significant differences between the knowledge and concerns between the two professions....

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How to adapt your IP strategy to machine learning evolution

The rise of machine learning has profound implications for most areas of business, and intellectual property is no exception.

What once seemed the stuff of science fiction – the idea that machines...

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Keep a clean and efficient legal docket with Brandstock

Making sure your legal docket is an effective resource can be a challenge, but the good news is there are straightforward actions you can take to keep things clean and efficient.

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What happens when a big corporation funds a piracy site?

Have you ever thought that a company like Vodafone could fund a piracy site? Sadly, this is possible, and it frequently happens nowadays because of the way Internet advertising works. It's...

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The evolution of general counsel's responsibilities: challenges and opportunities

A general counsel, also known as chief counsel or chief legal officer, advises the senior management team on the legal strategy and tactics that they should undertake in the best interests of the...

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Pros and cons of managing IP portfolio internally

For many businesses, the decision to manage the IP portfolio internally or externally can be influenced by a variety of factors: the size of business, organization, product portfolio, number of...

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