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The intellectual property project director: your personal guardian of IP rights

When we consider the role of an intellectual property (IP) project director in a company, we usually see them as a leader who manages an IP portfolio. However, their responsibilities can extend...

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The importance of data verification in every IP strategy

Accurate, high-quality, and relevant data have never been more important in forming an IP strategy. The strength of an IP asset is highly dependent on the accuracy of data obtained during the data...

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Don't worry about managing IP: Brandstock takes on the responsibility

Intellectual property is one of the greatest drivers of value in any business, but it can also be a huge headache for corporate IP counsels. Sometimes it can feel a little bit like driving a...

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A business-oriented overview of IP law

The brand value of your business can be the determining factor in its success. As such, investment in protecting your brand value can have a direct impact on potential future earnings. However,...

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IP Enforcement: a strategic tool for corporations

An intellectual property enforcement strategy is essential for many businesses. However, IP registration and enforcement can be complex and expensive. As such, many small- and medium-sized...

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How digitalization helps counsels managing IP

As one of the most valuable assets a company has, intellectual property must be appropriately managed in order to maximize its potential. In line with many areas of life, technological...

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4 tips a General Counsel should keep in mind when managing IP

The role of general counsel is undoubtedly challenging: it requires broad, yet in-depth knowledge of an organization from a business and legal perspective. One of the unique challenges in this...

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The 3 stages of data verification & auditing in intellectual property services

For corporate IP counsel who are looking to undertake an audit of their company’s intellectual property portfolio, there are important considerations to ensure the process is as effective as...

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Why choosing Brandstock Complete: flexibility, experience and much more

If you’re a corporate IP counsel, and you’re considering partnering with an external IP services provider, you should consider Brandstock’s new service, "Brandstock Complete".

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